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Cotton Plant

Our latest project in Malawi is the production of Cotton that will be made into thread and finally into cloth.  Most of the cloth factories in Malawi have been shut down in recent years causing a huge shortage of cloth within the country.  The shortage of locally made cloth in Malawi has caused the price of cloth to increase dramatically.  Our goal is to revitalize this industry by reopening a cloth factory, growing organic cotton within Malawi, and producing our own organic cloth.  This cloth can be used by our other projects, Africa Bags and Africa Pads.  Not only will we produce cloth for our own use, we will have the opportunity to sell organic cotton, thread, and cloth to different regions within Malawi and other countries around the world.  ​


Our cotton will be 100% organic and grown in different regions of Malawi.  We currently have land that is being prepared by local villages to begin planting cotton.  We have a team of local plant experts that is overseeing this portion of the project.  ​Once the cotton is harvested, the villages we already partner with for Africa Bags, will produce the thread. Africa Bags tailors will use organic, all natural colorings made out of organic foods and plants to make different colored thread.  This thread can then be used by the cloth factory or sold to help generate extra income for each village.​ We are already working with local experts to revamp an idle cloth factory so it will be ready for production when the thread is made.   Producing cloth locally will not only empower many local people, but it will help locals needing to find good quality cloth at a reasonable price. 


We are already partnering with the villages that currently produce Africa Bags and Africa Pads for our other projects to grow and harvest the cotton and turn it into thread.  This provides a sustainable income for multiple villages and allows the people to produce a product that enables them to provide for their families, their village, and their region.  ​

Cotton Projects

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